Thursday, June 2, 2011

Desert Rocks

The roller coaster of life continues, things have been crazy busy yet wonderful. I went to a music festival, Desert Rock, in Moab. It was an interesting experience and not in the way I thought. I thought this festival would be a phenomenal just like last year and the years before. It wasn’t. I did make some awesome friends and danced to some groovy music but still something was different. I realized that what I want in my life I can’t find at a music festival. I want to find happiness through union and finding oneness with God. At desert rocks I watched other people turn to drugs and other devices to experience some euphoric feeling. Watching others do this was like watching a mirror of myself I have these attachments and techniques that I use (sometimes with good intentions and sometimes not) but either way I turn away from the moment, away from God, and away from myself. Yoga is often defined as a practice that facilitates union with your self and with God. Yoga isn’t something that is just performed on a yoga mat it is something to practice every moment. May I remember that what I want is NOT achieved through turning to something whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, sex, negativity, objects…. I want something more! I want to open to grace.  
 (The yoga swing, they had this set up and I went wild on it, felt like a kid on a playground)

 (Tyler (my husband) drew this he is such an amzing artist I felt like a lotus flower fairy)
 (handstands are fun)
 (My husband and I post delicious dutch oven chili)

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