Saturday, June 4, 2011

New found Strength

I just got back from taking my first class from Anusara-inspired teacher Chris Timmins at Prana Yoga in Trolley Square. Chris talked about Love and not the romantic way love but the deep Love that we are. We did some really fun poses. We played with jump switch in handstand and I can feel so much power in my handstands and my practice in general since I have been getting so much stronger with my full time gardening job. We also work bakasana (crow) to handstand. I did it with assistance and learned a way to do it next to the wall. I helped assist one of my friends doing it who was very hesitant but she made it up beautifully. After she said “you are so strong you picked me up from the ground basically”. This made me feel really good. As my body gets bigger I sometimes get sad. But this was just a great reminder, “yes my body is getting bigger, but I am powerful and I feel fu*king fantastic”. I feel like this physical strength I am cultivating is reflecting the strength of my heart and my commitment to loving and accepting myself so I may Open to grace fully.

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Testimonials & My Intention

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