Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I love my job

I love my gardening job! Being outside in a garden for 9ish hours a day is wonderful. My boss Marinda at Soul garden is phenomenal! The way she designs and maintains is so beautiful. I fee like a little fairy and each garden I go into and tend is like going to open presents. I also love the stamina and strength I am building both physically, emotionally and even spiritually. I even love how it makes me super sore. This soreness has been a great opportunity to really test out my yoga techniques. Do they really work? Can I come to my mat in pain and leave my mat feeling better through using the universal principles of alignment? 

The answer is YES! I am also learning from this opportunity how to maintain first principle, Open to grace,  during all aspects of my life. For example when I garden I think about how important the foundation of the feet and the hands are and how important it is to root into the  earth. Sometimes I say to myself "actively push your feet into the earth...from the pelvic focal point press down into the earth".
Every day is a wonderful blessing as the garden teaches me more about myself and about life.

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