Thursday, July 10, 2014


Anusara yoga notes from my Thursday morning class at metric yoga.

Principle of emphasis: organic energy
Apex: hanumanasana
Heart quality: sensitivity
Theme: adhikara, studentship
Antidote: as I am waiting for one of my teachers BJ to watch, review and hopefully recommend me to be an anusara certified teacher I am full of nerves. As I dig last my nerves I feel so vulnerable. So open. I can't wait to hear what she says. It's been a while since I have gotten feedback on my teaching from a certified teacher and I am excited that there will no doubt be growth in my teaching after I get her feed back.

I have written this so many times on this blog and I will write it again. I love that this practice is about refinement. I used to shutter when a teacher would call across the room "raise you arm in warrior 2" or something like that. I would feel like a failure. Now I love when I get a verbal or physical adjustment of how I can make my pose even better! I am so glad this is my new view. When BJ gives me my critiques I won't think I suck, why did I send this to her. I will think yippie! Now I know how to refine my teaching so it is even better!

I think that is an important thing for a student to remember. When a teacher verbally or physically suggests an adjustments it's only to enhance the brilliance that is already there. Not something you should feel bad about. This morning in class someone said I didn't even need an assist in a pose. I responded that I love the assists. That working with a partner helps up shift my practice tremendously.

How do you measure your progress?
Begginer a mind?

Active eprk
Active eprk quad
Low lunge glute work- low lunge quad - low lunge back knee lifts a little glute work- anjaneyasana
Dancer upright
Core work
Torture pose
Urdhva danurasana
Blanket roll virasana
Hanumanasana 2 blocks foot to wall organic energy
Baddha konasana innerspiral outerspiral organic energy out know one side at a time 3x
Knees to chest ground femurs symmetrically

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