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Ishvara Pranidhana

The first principle of Anusara yoga is called open to Grace , which is the practice of Ishvara pranidhana—surrendering (pranidhana) to a higher source (Ishvara). Ishvara pranidhana is a "big picture" practice. It shifts our perspective that helps us remember, open to and align with Grace.

Surrendering ourselves to something bigger than us – whether we call it God, nature, or the universe – is ishvara pranidhana. We spend so much of the day in our own heads listening to the endless chatter of our  thoughts.  This ingrained pattern is almost always in an effort to control our circumstances and gauge how we’re doing. When we open to Grace we are choosing to relinquishing this false sense of control and instead choose to open to something bigger.

I have been re reading my Yoga Sutras where Patanjali writes a lot about ishvara pranidhana. He says that if you can master this teaching you don't have to read any more of The Sutras because you’ll already have attained samadhi, the state of oneness which is the final limb of his 8 limbed path of yoga.

This teaching reminds me of another teaching from Patanjalis Yoga Sutras: Shraddha (Faith). When we have a deep abiding faith in the practices we have committed ourselves to then we can develop certainty on our path. We may not know exactly where we are going to end up, but with faith in our chosen direction we release fear and doubt, two very powerful distractions that will undermine the best of intentions.


Saturdays Anusara Yoga Class
Theme: 5th Niyama: ishvara pranidhana
Principles of emphasis: opening to grace side bodies long (physically opening ourself) + arm bones back (choosing to plug in/surrender/pranidhana)
Antidote: anusara certified written test

Centering seated

 Dynamic Warm ups - movement with breath, no holds, not technical, large muscles:

Tadasana- shoulder shrugs. Inhale: lengthen side bodies. Exhale: release 5x
Tadasana- shoulder circles. Inhale: on way up. Exhale: on way down. 5x each direction.
Tadasana: inhale: reach arms out around and up exhale: reach arms out and down. (Teach arm rotation at T)
Table- cat/cow
Surya Namaskar 3x

Poses that safely and effectively open hips and shoulders easier to perform, teach the actions:

AMV prep at wall: side bodies long arm bones back straight arms.
Low cobra one shoulder one at time sbl + abb - then both 30 sec. Rhomboid squeeze
Cobra in finger tips one shoulder at a time then both
Anjaneyasana shoulder blade plugging
Low lunge quad

Climax - poses that require the most strength, stamina and flexibility:

Eprk prep hands on hips or clasped behind back - life is good, clasped behind back- life is good. one at a time, then both at same time.
Ustrasana 2x hands on hips- life is good, clasped behind back- life is good. Side bodies long arm bone back one at a time, then both at same time.
Partner Ustrasana skull loop assist

Apex Pose:

Urdhva danurasana top of head with side bodies long practice plugging arm bones back. One at a time. Then both.
Partner urdhva danurasana practice plugging through elbows to back body. Option press up make sure shoulders are on back then partners hand behind head skull loop to power the opening of the heart.

•Counter & Cooling and quieting poses:

Twisting shoulders
Supine Twist of choice
Symmetrical thigh rooting



I love this quote from Elena Brower: “We can commit to seeing beauty in unexpected ways. We can serve others by giving our resources, time or listening. We can be confidently attentive to our kids, our parents, our friends or our colleagues. All of these small actions of noticing, listening and acknowledging connect us to that state of surrender, recognition, and devotion.”

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