Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sat Chit Ananda

Tuesday anusara yoga class
Props: block
Heart quality: celebration
Principles of emphasis: muscle energy and organic energy
Theme: sat - chit - ananda
Today we are going to focus on the second line line of the invocation “Sat-chit-ananda-murtaye”. Sat means truth or is, chit means remembrance or consciousness, ananda means bliss or celebration and murtaye means form. A murti is a Hindu statue of a god, and it is believed that the forms hold the qualities of consciousness that are associated with that god. Together this whole line means “This essence inside takes the form of truth, consciousness and bliss”.

I love this verse because it holds within it the two main reasons for doing yoga. Chit and Ananda. To learn more (which is really just remembering because we already know but we forget) and in this learning (or remembering) we find bliss which is cause for celebration.

Ultimately what we are re-learning about ourself is that we are awesomeness. Just imagine for a moment that you were the pure awesomeness and you wanted to experience yourself in a body. But once you became a body you forgot. You thought you were seperate and you became self conscious and doubted yourself.

When we chant the invocation, when we practice yoga it's an opportunity to remember! That you are total awesomeness!! And once we remember ourselves as pure awesomeness, we start to recognize others as that pure awesomeness too.

Chit is the remembrance (or re-learning) and ananda is the feeling in our heart when we do. When ever I chant the invocation the feeling tone in my body-mind-heart changes.  I feel connected, full of peace, and happy. These are all truth that I am reminded of.

 The yogi is on a constant search of remembrance and of celebration. We will forget. It is part of the dance. We forget and then we remember and celebrate. In this way our lives become this celebration! Life becomes a party as we walk around celebrating.

So today we are going to focus on that remembrance, remembering ourselves, our true selves as deeply awesome. :) And also remembering each other. So we are going to do some fun partnering exercises, to held remind each other, and celebrate each other.

Lunge side stretch
Low lunge glute work pick up back knee a few inches- L.l quad - upright twisted quad
Hrl twist- L.l quad twist
Eprk quad- Eprk twist quad
Lunge- Tree - vira 3 - vira 1
Lunge- Stranding pigeon- vira 3 -parvrita ardha Chandra chapasana block
Core work crunches (modified heel slides for pregnant ladies)
AMV partner
Urdhva danurasana
Eka pada urdhva danurasana partner
Janusarisasana - Parvrita janusarisasana strap
Root femurs symmetrically

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