Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bio, Mission Statement, Yoga Brand

I just started reading Michelle Berman Marchildon's new book The Weaver: Connect the Power of Inspiration to Teaching Yoga. A book to teach teachers how to authentically create a unique experience for their students and how to muster up inspiration to teach an awesome class when you are feeling less then awesome.

The first chapter suggest I do some journaling. Learn what I am selling and come up with a bio, mission statement and a yoga brand. She says this will not only explain to others what I want to accomplish but it will clarify things for me and serve as a quick reminder for why I teach.


Kim is proud to say she is an Anusara-Inspired Yoga instructor ERYT and Licensed Massage Therapist. She is currently going through the process to become a Certified Anusara Teacher. Kim has been sharing her passion of yoga for over 9 years. She has studied and is inspired by Adam Ballenger, Tiffany Wood, BJ Galvan, and Jen Hecht. Her classes teach biomechanics to keep your body safe, themes to focus your mind and a up lift your heart. Kim’s classes are powerful and playful.  

Mission statement:

Yoga has helped Kim heal her body, overcome addictions, and learned how to look for the good in life. With this firsthand experience Kim helps students feel vital in their body, steady their mind, and open their heart.

Yoga Brand:

I teach because I want to students feel vital in their body, open in their and steady in their mind.

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