Tuesday, December 14, 2010

reflection on a yogi tea qoute, i dont agree

Yesterday I updated my facebook status to:

‎"the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment" Yogi Tea

I kept thinking about these words throughout the day. I love the “the purpose of life is to” “every moment”. But throughout the day I kept rubbing up and finding resistance with the word enjoy. Lately I have been trying to cultivate some shifts to bring about health transformation in my life and in my spiritual practice. As I do this, I would have to say there is a lot of stuff that is coming up that I am NOT enjoying. However as I make these shifts and make little changes here and there I am able to stay more mindful and more aware of every moment.

I think this yogi tea quote would have resonated with me in the past. I think when I thought that I could ENJOY every moment what I was really doing is not being mindful almost numbing myself out to the moments that were not enjoyable. I have learned that some moments are full of incredible sadness, hurt, frustration, fear, loneliness, tiered, and confusion. The key is to not put these in a box and push them away so that you can enjoy every moment. It is about being aware, present and mindful during every moment. So no matter what is happening whether it is ecstatic joy, deep pain or somewhere in the middle, When we are present to the emotion that is present, and allowing that emotion to deepen your relationship with yourself and others… that is the purpose of life!


  1. Hm, yes. I relate to this line of thought. Although I tend to believe that (at least in my own practice) there is an enjoyment to each moment, a certain reflection which always brings santosha and gratitude to every color of emotion and experience. "Enjoying" does not negate other emotions. I very much enjoy the unique moments when I feel melancholy or riled up.

    In addition, I have had the conversation with other yogis about the necessity to suffer in life. It's funny, there is a saying that there will be suffering, but not necessarily pain. I feel the exact opposite: there will be pain, but not necessarily suffering. Because we have physical bodies, pain will happen. But it does not have to cause us suffering. Suffering is a mental state.

    Yogi tea, the purpose of life is to enjoy...? hm, I doubt that is the most defined dharma of anyone. As I'm sure you are Kim, I'm more interested in helping other people. And this being our path, yes it does bring enjoyment. It is a rather enlightened state to truly and deeply enjoy every moment, but it is not based on seeking enjoyment solely. I believe it is a bi-product of living a "right" devoted life in line with our unique and collective dharma.

    Namaste Kimberly!

  2. it's still about enjoying. not pushing anything away to enjoy things you like, but loosing the opposites and finding joy in every moment, emotion, event... with time you can enjoy the sadness - it has a beautiful coloring in your heart which you can see when you start to partly reside in you self and observe it from outside, then the sadness makes your heart cry from joy of eternity and divinity. you can be tiered, which allows you to take your mind in a new less active state and that again can give you new joy experiences of discoveries. fear is something that tends to disappear the more joy you have, the leftovers are not so strong to shift you out of joy. frustration goes away when the heart cries from joy because then it's full with love - no fear or confusion can find place in midst of love. loneliness - actually the best friend for joy allowing to have a silent dialogue with your self.
    it's more about not numbing but opening when such emotions come, then the joy starts to sneak in because you're open :)
    not loosing yourself in all the emotions (even nice ones) but being your Self in them give the joy in every little moment. not looking for shallow emotional joy but living dharmfuly makes you joyful even from the fact alone that you live.
    but.... it's not easy, takes whole your life :)


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