Monday, December 13, 2010

Restorative Yoga Class

I took a yoga class that Lululemon Athletica hosted (part of their 12days of complimentary fitness classes of Christmas). Scott Moore offered a wonderful restorative class at Prana Yoga. It was so great! I felt like I really got the opprotunity to turn “off”, rest, restore and rejuvenate. During the practice Scott said something that really helped me understand the value of restorative yoga.

He talked about how Mickey Mouse uses a spell to make brooms and mops come alive to clean the floors. Mickey was using this clever trick to get more things done at once, but pretty soon he didn’t know how to turn them off, let alone where the “”off” switch was. I deffinitly feel myself do this in my life. I multi tast, i am always going going going. Sometimes I forget I need to slow down, and when I remember I sometimes find it hard to actually settle down.

Scott talked about how that is the invitation that restorative yoga offers us, a way to find the “off” button, and a way to push it. This is how we can restore our self. Something else Scott kept saying throughout the practice was this idea that you don’t have to do anything in a precise way, and your pose doesn’t need to look a particular way. Instead you put the body into a general shape and then you allow yourself to make little shifts until you can find the ease into which to release deeper. That reminds me that all our off buttons can look different, and we can even push them in different ways. But the bottom line is, through this wonderful multi facetted practice of yoga asana, meditation, and pranayama we are given the invitation to let go, drop into this moment, and surrender so we may restore our body mind and spirit.

Thanks Scott and Lululemon Athletica for a great mid day practice.

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